Applied International Online Marketing Manager (English)
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Duration: 10 weeks
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Course description

Applied International Online Marketing Manager (in English)

Effective online marketing is the key to more reach, conversions, leads or traffic on the internet. With the applied international online marketing manager course, you will receive the necessary tools to make companies more successful online. This course is for marketers who want to do well globally, not just locally. It will help you learn the skills you need to succeed in international markets, no matter where you are! This further training course is your passport to success in the exciting realm of international online marketing!

Become an online marketing expert in 10 weeks

Our online marketing course is designed to teach you the fundamental disciplines of digital marketing from the ground up in 10 weeks. Our experienced lecturers will introduce you to the world of online marketing in a practical way. You will gain in-depth know-how in the areas of SEO, search engine advertising (Google Ads), email marketing and analysis (with tools such as Google Analytics). We will also show you how to create content with added value for your target groups and how to distribute it via social media, for example, and how to create and manage international campaigns in paid marketing channels.

After completing the course, you will have the necessary knowledge and know-how for a successful career in digital marketing, empowering you to navigate diverse global markets with confidence and achieve your professional goals.

Online Marketing Strategy

• Status quo & trends in online marketing (4 P, Marketing 5.0, etc.) 

• Special features of international vs. local marketing 

• Introduction of ecomex 6P: The basis for long-term success as a marketer/skill profile of the modern marketer 

• Strategic product development (value proposition design, business model canvas) & international brand positioning (customer journey analysis, personas, S.W.O.T., Porter’s 5 forces model, etc.) 

• Overview of online marketing channels: advantages & disadvantages, channel use in different countries, marketing concept, KPI definition, budget creation, campaign development & media planning 

• Agile work processes & multinational teams (definition Scrum, product owner, UX designer) 

• Steps to the optimal technology platform (definition Martech, Build or Buy, MVP, Marketing Automation) 

• Analysis & optimization: tracking techniques, data sources & analysis tools (Google Analytics, etc.) 

• The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in online marketing 

• Daily practical exercises & tried-and-tested templates for the above content 

Website Marketing / Online Marketing Law

Website Marketing

• Technical basics of the WWW 

• Goals & scope of website creation 

• Target groups, personas and regional characteristics 

• Customer journey mapping 

• Task prioritization & milestones 

• Site structure, sitemap & navigation 

• International multi-domain strategy & URL concepts 

• Technical setup with CMS/website builders, hosting 

• UX design, layout & performance factors 

Online Marketing Law

• Basics of online law 

• Introduction to domain and trademark law 

• GDPR & restriction of data processing 

• Consent, privacy policy & cookies 

• Legal peculiarities in key markets 

• Handling of content: copyright, right of expression 

• Artificial intelligence – status quo of case law 

• What is (not) allowed in advertising? 

• Promotional cooperations and product placement 

• Strategies for compliance with international laws and regulations 

Content Marketing / Social Media Marketing I

Content Marketing

• International brand building & content strategy 

• Positioning with Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” 

• Target group-specific content with personas 

• Format planning with the content matrix 

• Development of the core story: the hero’s journey 

• The development of country-specific topic areas & use of AI (ChatGPT) in multilingual content planning 

• The international editorial plan, style guides & content management 

• Quality & project management, goal definition & success measurement 

Social Media Marketing I

• Social media basics 

• Strategy, goal definition & KPIs 

• How algorithms work 

• Fan and follower acquisition in an international context 

• Excursus: hashtags 

• The Facebook news feed, Facebook pages & post formats 

• The news feeds on Instagram, X, LinkedIn & Xing 

• Images for social media 

Social Media Marketing II

• Instagram stories at a glance 

• International best practices, features & templates 

• Canva – possibilities & limitations 

• Introduction to vertical video 

• Reels on TikTok and other platforms 

• Introduction to YouTube & Pinterest 

• Live videos & video streaming 

• Excursus: social selling 

• Find the right channel strategy 

• Community management & crisis communication 

• Intercultural peculiarities 

• Dealing with trolls & reviews 

• Content & topic planning 

• KPI, social monitoring & reporting 

• Tools: Canva, Kapwing, Clipchamp, Trello, Facelift and others. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Definition of SEO & position of SEO in online marketing 

• Country-specific SEO 

• Global & regional players (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex etc.) 

• How a search engine works, SERPs and user intent 

• The most important SEO factors, keyword research and visibility 

• On-page optimization measures for websites 

• Technical SEO, crawling & indexing 

• Off-Page SEO: link building, link profile and link audit 

• International relaunch planning, local SEO, international SEO 

• Working with tools such as Sistrix, Search Console, and many more 

• Daily practical exercises & tried-and-tested templates for the above content 

CRM & Marketing Automation

• Basics of CRM & marketing automation 

• Manage the customer journey with automated processes 

• The multinational marketing & sales channel mix in B2C & B2B 

• Automation options & the importance of email 

• Overview of CRM & automation tools 

• The B2B sales process & inbound marketing 

• B2B customer personas & the buying center 

• Content in inbound marketing & the use of AI 

• Successful landing pages for inbound campaigns 

• The importance of email marketing 

• Distribution structure, newsletter design & international best practices 

• Lead management, lead scoring & CRM insights 

• The perfect LinkedIn profile & sales navigator options 

• Sales Intelligence & predictive selling 

• The right tool selection for your project 

Social Media Advertisement
  • Grundlagen Social Media Ads 
  • Überblick PPC-Advertising 
  • Einführung in den Meta-Kosmos 
  • Die Meta Business Suite 
  • Einführung Facebook Ads 
  • Grundlagen & Struktur von Kampagnen 
  • Die Bündelung in Anzeigengruppen 
  • Zielgruppen & Facebook Audience Insights 
  • Facebook Tracking & Optimierung 
  • Übersicht zu weiteren Plattformen 
  • Aufgabe: Kampagnenerstellung für ein Unternehmen 
  • Einführung in die Mediaplanung 
Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

• Introduction of SEA & Google Ads advertising network 

• The auction process 

• Understand key figures & define goals 

• Structured keyword research & keyword options 

• SEA strategies for multiple languages ​​& search engines 

• Introduction to the Google Ads account 

• Setting up the Google Ads account 

• Creation of the campaign structure for international campaigns 

• Set up the first Google Ads campaign 

• Ad extensions & optimization 

• The quality score & other important metrics 

• Google display, shopping & YouTube 

• Best practice campaigns on Google channels 

• Performance Max campaigns 

• Campaign analysis & exercises 

Web Analytics & Optimization

• Introduction to web analytics 

• Competencies, methods & KPIs 

• Special features of international projects 

• Introduction to measurement frameworks 

• The UTM parameters 

• Integrate & configure Google Analytics 4 

• The Google Tag Manager 

• Event tracking, data layer & e-commerce tracking 

• GDPR & Consent Manager 

• Basics of attribution models 

• Approach to A/B testing & personalization 

• Definition of growth hacking 

• Market overview analysis & BI tools 

• The break-even analysis 

International Project Management / AI in Online Marketing

International Project Management

• Introduction to project management 

• Introduction to Gantt charts & software tools 

• Introduction to the project canvas 

• Traditional project management methods 

• Agile project management 

• Basics of Scrum & Kanban 

• Special features of international projects 

• Project controlling & risk management 

AI in Online Marketing

• AI basics: When does a machine become intelligent? 

• Which AI tools are currently available for the marketing process? 

• Introduction to prompt engineering 

• Practical project: From the development of an international brand to campaign management 

• Content development with AI: text, images, videos, music, avatars, etc. 

• Campaign development, media planning, success monitoring & reporting (with ChatGPT, DALL-E, Neuroflash, Midjourney, HeyGen, Synthesia or similar) 

• Special tools for international projects 

• Copyright, data protection & GDPR – what is the status quo? 

Graduation Day

• Presentation of CAPTain coaching 

• Intro to the Business Model You Canvas 

• Organizational matters: exams, certificates & Co. 

• Lunch and networking together

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100% funding

The course can be funded 100% with an education voucher (Bildungsgutschein) from the Arbeitsagentur or Jobcenter. We would be happy to check your funding requirements and help you with the application. Find out more about the education voucher (Bildungsgutschein) here!

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What to expect from our international online marketing course??

Live online format in English

Our further training to become an “Applied International Online Marketing Manager” takes place live online via Zoom. Interaction is very important to us; you can ask questions at any time and you won’t be just watching outdated recordings.

Practical tools

Our overriding principle is that you get to use your knowledge. In our online marketing courses we work, for example with Sistrix, Canva, Google Analytics and brevo, so you can practice hands-on with standard tools.

Further training with a plan

The courses take place in English, Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and on Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. It’s best to plan two hours a day for self-study. Then you will really benefit most from the online marketing courses

Learn in a modern way in our online academy

Our state-of-the-art learning platform is available to you 24/7 to learn after the courses. In the online academy, you will not only find all the recorded seminars from the individual modules, but also learning materials and additional documents that you can use for self-learning.


After course completion, you will receive an ecomex participation certificate. If you wish, you can also take part in the final exam. If you manage to successfully complete it, you will receive an additional “Applied International Online Marketing Manager” exam certificate.

Coaching session for the next steps

With an exclusive 60-minute coaching session, we will help you plan your next professional steps. You have the choice whether it’s about your professional preferences and potential, or if you want to implement a business idea or maybe you would just like support in optimizing your CV.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is perfect for you if you already have knowledge of marketing and want to improve or update your knowledge in international online marketing. You should have a B2 level of English or higher, which means you can converse fluently in English and express yourself in detail. A nice side effect: the course will improve your business English and thus qualify you for positions in international online marketing. You should also ideally have a computer (Windows or MacOS) with a webcam, an extra monitor and a strong internet connection. If you don’t have these, no problem—we offer a free loan of a laptop and monitor.

The benefits of our international online marketing further training course

  • You will receive in-depth insights into all important sub-disciplines of international online marketing.
  • You will receive practical training so that you can apply your knowledge directly to local and international markets.
  • You will receive all the necessary skills and know-how to tackle a new job in online marketing.
  • You will get a perfect overview of possible starting points for marketing campaigns.
  • You will learn the most important tools for successful online marketing in global markets.
  • After successfully completing the course, you will receive an ecomex certificate.
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